Poditive things of blackberries

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Introduction: Good morning people today we are going to talk about the good things that blackberry’s have. Nowadays Blackberry’s are really useful because people can communicate with othersall around the world. Also because all of the applications they have like music player, camera, radio, blackberry messenger, maps (GPS) etc. It has been proved that blackberry’s offerinstant access to email accounts and to internet. In the year 1999 blackberry´s were created by a Canadian company called Research in Motion, they weren’t as popular and common as now, butthrough time they have become more ordinary and habitual.
Body: With the blackberry´s people have everything within their reach. This means that they don’t need a map, a computer, music player,a camera or a news paper, because the blackberry’s were created for people to find all they need in only one device. It has been proved by the people who have them, that blackberry’s haveall the applications needed by a person to have an organized and more socialized life. This device facilitates people communicate. This is because of the amount of social networks available.Blackberry’s contain many social networks such as: Blackberry Messenger which only operates between blackberry's, also Windows Live Messenger, Twitter, Yahoo Messenger, etc. The blackberry’salso have another way of communication which is the text messages and the phone. In the blackberry’s you can download other applications that it didn’t have before, with the Blackberry AppWorld. Some examples of applications that you can download are: news reader, games, Map GPS, books reader, social networks, etc. When you download more applications to the device it becomesmore complete.
Conclusion: Finally, the blackberry’s are complete devices with many applications and social networks. This cell phones can facilitate communication between people....
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