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Maurista Poetry
Subject: my sharing (wish it could be useful)
dear all my friends...

I don't know how many of you that struggle with life...
I don't know what problems that u face ..
but,let me have a chance to share

I have difficult times,
since I came back from my country, my relationship with my husband might get worse.. he is more cranky than before
Sometimes, I try tostrengthen my self that God will help me to go through this.

we almost end our relationship & I didn't care at all about him, unless God spoke to me clearly that I have to stand still til the end.. HEre-implants the seed of love inside my heart for my husband & it's growing beyond my wish..

I do care about him, specially after he has cardiac problem, after Doctor put stents in his heart butcommunication is more difficult between us day by day.. I try to push down my selfishness & try my best to respond calmly (I just can cry when I am alone, like now)

Honestly, I find it is hard toaccept that I have to raise my child by my self (not financially, since he is a responsible dad), but I am the one who always bring my son to church, watch movie, toy store and any recreation activities..it is not about the energy that I spent.. but more to psychological factor, I want my son has a wonderful childhood like others who are closed to their fathers.. I want him to have a good memory andbonding with his dad (many times, when the priest asked us to hug our partners (husband/wife) I just hug my son in tears)

I can walk away from his life so easy..
I can turn my back anytime, andthe misery will be end
no more negative words from him..

I don't want to be a coward who run away..
I wanna be a wife who stay for her beloved one
a mom who fight for her son's happinessa woman who protects her family

I always try to look the positive things of him
that he is a responsible dad financially
that he used to be a good husband (though he is not longer now,...
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