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  • Publicado : 10 de marzo de 2012
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What Is Love?
Love To Me Is When I Miss Her And I Know She Misses Me As Well.
When I See Her Eyes All Over The World, And The World In her Eyes.
When A Bye Takes Thirty Minutes, Yet You Don'tWant To Say Bye.
When i Dream Of Her, And She Dreams of Me.
When We Say "I Love You" And Chills Travel To Every Single Nerve Of My Spine And Body, And Feel Butterflies Like A Girl Describes Them.
WhenAs I Think Of Her My Whole World Stops And Its All About Her.
Love Is When I Can Sincerely Say I Can Give All I Have To Spend A Minute Or Even A Second With Her.
To Say I Would Give Everything JustTo See Her Smile.
Love Is To Let Go If Her If She Is Not Comfortable With Me, And Not be Mad But Happy Because She's Happy.
To Make her Smile Even If Am Dying In The Inside.
Love is When NoMatter What I Will Always Be There For Her When She Needs Someone.
Love Is To be Her Best Friend, And Partner In Crime.
When I Can Tell her Everything And She Can Do The Same.
Love Is When She Can tellMe Her Deepest Secrets And I Would Take Them To My Grave And Never Use Them Against Her.
Love Is When I Can Giver Her My All Without Expecting Anything In Return.
When I Suffer For What She Suffers.Love Is When I Can Cry Like A Little Girl With her Without Worrying She Would Make Fun Of Me.
When I Can Trust Her Around Other Guys And She Can Trust Me Around Other Girls.
Love Is When I CanSit And Talk About Her All Day Long.
When I Don't See What She Does Wrong But As Something She Does That Is Cute
Love Is When I See No Defects On Her.
When She Can Treat Me Like The Worst OfThings, And I Would Still Feel Loved.
When In MY Bad Days Only Her Smile Can Bring Out The Best In Me.
Love Is When I Promise Her I Wouldn't Do Something That Was Bad For me And Stick To The Promise.Love Is Not Asking Why But What For.
Love Is Something I Can't Control.
Love Can Be So Many Things That Cannot Be Explain.
Love Is Something We All Experience In Different Ways
Love, Love, Love,...
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