Poison in the ear, othello

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  • Publicado : 23 de mayo de 2011
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I do not agree with the statement that Iago is only a “bad guy”. I truly believe that, in this play, we have a manifestation of a broad range of human emotions displayed on each character that, infront a certain situation, will react in a different way just as every human can do it when facing a situation that will exposed our weaknesses or when the outcome of a situation is not what we wereexpecting.
Iago was a loyal soldier under Othello’s command, It was really hard for him to believe in Othello and to follow him because Othello was from a different race and background, and looking atthe society during those years of the Renaissance, Othello do not fit properly as to what be expected as a model or leader. Therefore I give Iago a point for being smart enough to respect Othello andgave him the benefit of the doubt. From this kind of relationship, Othello respect Iago because it was a mutual relationship of trust and from this, a strong partnership was built between them.
Asthe story goes on, Iago was surprised by the decision that Othello did choosing someone else, in this case Cassius, as his lieutenant. Iago after several years of serving in a very loyal way and afterbeing a low profile hard working man, he was expecting as all of us as human would expect, a promotion or a recognition for the good and most important “loyal” work that we have been doing, but whenthe outcome is not what we were expecting, I would say that maybe unconsciously we now decide to go to exact opposite side. This is maybe why this play has survived so many years, because it is aboutour most deep feelings and emotions that all human race experience in one time.

After this decision, Iago starts to change his loyalty and feelings toward Othello just because unconsciously he(Iago) as every single human was expecting a favor or benefit as a pay for being loyal, like a reward for a good behavior and loyalty. After this, one of the most deep human emotions rises from Iago's...
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