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Democratic Kampuchea
Democratic Kampuchea exists between the years of 1975 and 1979 under the rule of its prime minister Pol Pot and his party Khmer Rouge. During his rule, approximately1.5 million people die and also about 30% of people disappeared. This was one of the most terrible events only overcome by regimen of Hitler, because an statistic said that in less thanfour years the population decreases in 1.5 million people because of bad nutrition, diseases and other factors but also said that more than 200, 000 people were executed without a judgmentinclude children and old men calling them “enemies”.
The history said that in 1970, Premier Lon Nol and the National Assembly deposed Norodom Sihanouk as the head of state. Sihanouk,opposing the new government, entered into an alliance with the Khmer Rouge against them. Taking advantage of Vietnamese occupation of eastern Cambodia, the Khmer rouge was able to appear as apeaceful party with the supported by the majority of the people. The end of his regimen was caused by a massive invasion of Cambodia that took his regimen to its end.

Pol Pot and the badthings that he did:

Pol Pot wants to raise a new form of communism and to do it, he thought that it was necessarily to move the people from the urban part to the fields, outside of thecity. In the process he needed to kill the intellectual people and “enemies”. The result of that, was the disappear of more than 1.5 million people.
Also Polt Pot was the responsible of thetorture of innocent people and children, and also of the people that were in the same political party because they were Khmer ethnicity. Every man, woman, and child was forced into slavelabor for 12-15 hours each day.
His policy included opposition to Vietnam that became effective with numerous attacks on that country.
He was the responsible of a period called auto-genocide.
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