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  • Publicado : 25 de octubre de 2010
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On June 10, 2010, at 7:45 PM, I, Officer Jazmin Carrillo, was dispatched to an assault call at City Medical Center. Upon arrival, I met Anthony Rice, White Male, DOB, 12/15/1968. He was seating inthe waiting room with gauze in the back of his head.

Rice said that about 5:30 PM on this date, he was home alone playing basketball by his garage. He said that three white males, who he had neverseen before, appeared down the alley and took his ball away. Rice described the three white males wearing a blue windbreaker jacket; jeans ripped from the knees, white tennis shoes, and between theages 17 or 18. He had no idea of their weight or height but says they were “big built” and were taller than him. Rice is 5’10”. One is called Joe.

When Rice tried to get his ball back, the three malesknocked him down and kicked him in the back more than five times. When he fell, he hit his head on the curb of the sidewalk which caused a cut in the back of his head. Immediately he started tobleed. He heard “Joe it’s all good, let’s go”. Then the males dropped the ball and ran down the alley heading north. Rice said there were no witnesses around when the incident happened. He went to hisneighbor’s house, Mr. Kringleman, and asked for help.

Mr. Kringleman, Hispanic male, stated that at about 5:45 PM, Rice came to his home. He told him that three males had knocked him down and kickedhim several times in his back. The back part of his shirt was full of blood and his head wound did not stop bleeding. Kringleman says he immediately took him to City Medical Center to seek treatment.He affirms that he did not see the assault.

John Richardson, emergency room doctor, stated that he saw Rice in the emergency room at about 6:30 pm. He said that Rice required seven stitches to closethe cut on the back of his head. Richardson states that Rice also had several large bruises on his back.

I placed a (BOLO), BE ON THE LOOK OUT to all units in the area.

Case pending for...