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Venice, now Italy, 1254-id., 1324) Venetian explorer and merchant. His father (Nicolo Polo) and uncle are members of an illustrious family of prosperous merchants of the Venetian Republic, covetedtrading with the Tatar people of the East.

Both brothers jointly undertook an expedition to the East in 1255, when there was news of the arrival of merchants to the territory, the Mongol emperorKublai Khan sent for them, since the presence of a Latino was an extraordinary event. For fourteen years remained among the Mongols. In return, the Polo acted as ambassadors of the emperor and the popevisited on his behalf, to convey the desire of Kublai Khan that he sent scholars and priests to visit the Empire.

In the year 1271 and with the blessing of Gregory X, the Polo, including Marco, whowas then seventeen-year-old began his second tour of eastern lands. Crossed Israel, Armenia, came to the regions of present-day Georgia and then to the Persian Gulf. From there it rallied to the north,across Persia and then penetrated into the mountains of Central Asia, following the route of the Silk Road. The crossing of Pamir domains led to the Great Khan. After passing the deserts surroundingKancheu reached Lob Nor, really the first city of China, where they established contact with a civilization that practiced a religion almost unknown to the West, Buddhism, remained in place one year,during which he devoted to trade .

The journey of Marco Polo

Then they resumed the journey, accompanied by an escort sent by the Great Khan to lead them to the northeast of Beijing, where theemperor had his summer residence. Soon the king Marco Polo took under his personal protection, he showed absolute confidence, and he began to assign all kinds of missions: thus, for example, entered thediplomatic service of the court and became governor for three years , the city of Yangzhou. His father and uncle were devoted to business, while acting as military advisers to Kublai Khan.

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