Political and economic changes: depression

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During the 1930’s, world experienced a period of devastation. The Great Depression was a time of economic distress for the United States. Not only did it affect the country’s economy, but alsoits foreign relations and politics.
In the 1920’s, the United Stated was living a luxury life known as the Roaring Twenties. What America did not know, was that they were setting themselvesup for an upcoming economic catastrophe. In 1929, the crash of the stock market was the trigger to the economic recession. Unemployment was inevitable and may families fell into starvation allaround the country. The Dust Bowl made things worse; there was a shortage of food and the prices of it rose making it even more impossible for Americans to afford it. The United State’sgovernment was too busy trying to solve this problem that they failed to attend foreign issues.
Germany took well advantage of this time. They began to restore themselves and to get back theirland through threats because they knew that the United States could not do much right now that they had to help their country out. Whenever Germany wanted something, everyone handed it to them sothat it would not cause more problems besides the Great Depression.
Hebert Hoover tried to maintain the country together through this rough time. he attempted to establish come policies butmost of them were a failure. His political party lost a lot of credibility. This leads us to the victory of the Democratic Party, which gave the presidency to Franklin D. Roosevelt. He, unlikeHoover, did contribute to restoring the economy. He established a lot of government funded programs that eventually gave back America its life.
The United States was greatly affected by theGreat Depression. The economy crash was pretty negative but the political changes were for the best. The country realized that they had to be open to new ideology in order to be successful.
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