Political environment in france

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  • Publicado : 25 de febrero de 2012
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French Political current system is the Fifth Republic based on the Election of the President for five years and functions as the head ofthe state. Actually the president is Nicolas Sarkozy who was elected in 2007; he has the power to control the foreign policy and defense, and also elects a primeminister with the approval of the parliament. The Prime Minister actually is called François Fillon, his function is to be the head of the government and he isin charge of the domestic policy.
The French political system is based mainly in two things: a Fifth Republic which is a hybrid system based in a presidency thatis oversized in the absence of adequate counterweights. Also France differentiates from other democratic societies as it uses two-round single-winner voting thanthe others that have a single voting.
The political system of France has evolved through time, before it was a socialist government and now is more capitalistwhich encourages a free market based system. French’s objectives are to grow in competitiveness into industries, also the adaptation into European markets andresearch and development in many fields.
In general the French political environment is characterized by being stable and democratic. It is recognized for beingcommitted to make reforms and initiatives in order to be better in competition, lowering taxes and increase business hours. It has modernized policies and reforms,and had become better through time actually being a considerable influence in the communication industry, as it is the major stakeholder of France Telecom.
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