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What are the effects of Democracy on socio economic growth?
As it is well know the economic growth it’s an extended reproduction and is related in state regimes of growth model and their objective is not growth major social consequences.
Talking about the standards of living of individuals or social groups we could say that each one keep in the same proportion to each other so that only thescale of the economy would
Be inconstantly changed through the time.

The economic growth tends to modify economic structures and this is the main reason why the social structures and social relation seems to affect. In other words growth change the structure of an economic leading firms in one sector to close down and firms in other sectors in order to expand.

According to this we would saythat growth modify the structure of prices affecting the standard of leaving, growth can also increase the remuneration, and the power of decision making in society.

For ending we can say that growth reduce the availability of public goods such as water and clear air, requiring public intervention for having as a result the maintenance the supply of environmental goods For instance we can addthat social relations rule individuals at the time they interact in society and they manage by the economic.

Democracy is for most of people are the way to express their selves upon the decisions that will be part of their wellness. For most of them it is liberty however they don’t focus in the real meaning that most of the founders try to adapt during the past of the years.

Democracy is asystem of government with four key elements the first one is the political system for choosing and replacing the government through free and fair elections, the second one is the active participation of the people, as citizens, in politics and civic life, the third one is protection of the human rights of all citizens and the last one is a rule of law in which the laws and procedures apply equallyto all citizens.
For establish the concept in political democracy it means that people are able and have the right of choosing their leaders and to hold their leaders accountable for their policies and their conduct reflected in the place they live.
Citizen decides who represent them in the parliament and who will be the head of government at all the national and local levels. In order tohave a fair competition and show that they are democrat, they tend to have political parties; these would be competing against each other for having one of their representatives in the head of government.
Laws and policies require majority support in parliament, but the rights of minorities are protected in various ways. Citizens are free to criticize their elected leaders and representatives,and to observe how they conduct the business of government.
When we talk about elections representatives at the national and local levels should listen to the people and respond to their needs and suggestions, in order to have the sense of organization elections occur at regular intervals as they are prescribed by law. Law also cites that the power of government cannot extend their termswithout asking citizens what they think about it.
 At the time we are talking about the relations and the effects of democracy in the social economic growth we can add that it depends on the political quality and the economic institutions. Investigations show that when we motivate the increasing of democracy (especially in political rights and civil liberties) they are the best ways and pads tofight against poverty and they increase prosperity.

According other investigations it is well know the institutions that guaranty economic liberty and policies that reforms the same have the capacity of increase hugely the economic incentives.

During the last 15 years the democracy structure brings benefits to all nations in a lot of ways such as the capacity of choosing heat we like or want...
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