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los años de adolescencia son un momento en que se ven obligados a tomar decisiones grandes, de largo alcance que demanda gran cantidad de pensamiento. y una de las decisiones más importantesque tendrá que hacer es tanto como si o no a lavida sexual de involucrados. es hatd que saber tomar las decisiones rihgt porque son bombardeados por mensajes de muchos de sus padres a tus amigos a tunovio / noviatv películas, e incluso de su propia boby. y muchas de esas señales puede parecertosay que el sexo está bien.

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For other uses, see Comparative (disambiguation).
In grammar, the comparative is the form of an adjective or adverb which denotes the degree or grade by which a person, thing, orother entity has a property or quality greater or less in extent than that of another, and is used in this context with a subordinating conjunction, such as than, as...as, etc.[1] If three or more itemsare being compared, the corresponding superlative needs to be used instead.
The structure of a comparative in English consistsnormally of the positive form of the adjective or adverb, plus the suffix -er, or (in the case of polysyllabic words borrowed from foreign languages) the modifier more(or less/fewer) before the adjectiveor adverb. The form is usually completed by than and the noun which is being compared, e.g. "He is taller than his father", or "The village is less picturesque than the town nearby". Than is used asa subordinating conjunction to introduce the second element of a comparative sentence while the first element expresses the difference, as in "Our new house is larger than the old one", "Thereis less water in Saudi Arabia than in the United States", "There are fewer people in Canada than in California."
1. Forming comparatives and superlatives
How these forms are created depends on how...
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