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La Pollera Montuna Los Santos La Pollera Montuna daily use or has been used for centuries by Panamanian women to perform their daily tasks. The mostly used in funerals, in piladeras and joints. Shirtone washer, which adorns like their sleeves, cross knitting. complemented with a set of braids and lace fabrics to scene and are placed in the mouth of the shirt, the sleeves and completion of thewasher of the shirt.
Chintz Pollerón the same color as the work of the shirt. This consists of two tranches in its completion has collected a submission that is known as naughty. Generally Santeñachintz Pollera is blue, red, purple, burgundy, sealing, light blue or pink, never green or chocolate.
Inside, the pollera, place the petticoat, which is usually simple and takes no work. You can make thetemplate, or ruffle nansú thread. Take a horizontal got done with narrow folds up to four in number, separated from the rest of the top piece with cotton braid and finished with braid and lace widthof the same class.

Pollera Veraguense
The lace skirt is a skirt Veraguense specifically regional areas such as San Francisco, Ponuga, Montijo and others, in the province of Veraguas, which is usedfor very special occasions. It is done in white or colored fabrics and pollerón cakes can be two or three sections or scares.

La Pollera de Gala or property, is also known as Lace Skirt. Pollerais the most expensive and luxurious of all, for the work at hand in its preparation for the colorful work by the shaky play of finely crafted and valuable jewels that complement it.

La PolleraMontuna Penonomé the forms a white shirt with washers of the same color of the skirt or Pollerón carries a speck in the center of the shirt, front and back, the same color shoes. In Montuna Anton,possesses a Dacron fabric pollerón or poplin printed with large flowers, is composed of body and naughty at the end of shock. The shirt is composed of two rings, lace and worked in cross stitch. At the head...
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