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2° Select the best answer.
1. Juan___________ in the library this morning.
A. is study
B. studying
C. is studying
D. are studying
2. Alicia, __________ the windows please. It's too hot inhere.
A. opens
B. open
C. opened
D. will opened
3.The movie was __________ the book.
A. as
B. as good
C. good as
D. as good as
4. Eli's hobbies include jogging, swimming, and__________.
A. to climb mountains
B. climb mountains
C. to climb
D. climbing mountains
5. Mr. Hawkins requests that someone _________ the data
by fax immediately.
A. sent
B. sends
C. sendD. to send
6. Who is ____________ , Marina or Sachiko?
A. tallest
B. tall
C. taller
D. the tallest
7. The concert will begin ________ fifteen minutes.
A. in
B. on
C. with
D. about8. I have only a ________ Christmas cards left to write.
A. few
B. fewer
C. less
D. little
9. Each of the Olympic athletes ____________ for months,
even years.
A. have been training
B.were training
C. has been training
D. been training
10. Maria __________ never late for work.
A. am
B. are
C. were
D. is
11. The company will upgrade _________ computer informationsystems next month.
A. there
B. their
C. it's
D. its
12. Cheryl likes apples, _________ she does not like oranges.
A. so
B. for
C. but
D. or
13. You were ____________ the New York officebefore 2 p.m.
A. suppose call
B. supposed to call
C. supposed calling
D. supposed call
14. When I graduate from college next June, I _____________
a student here for five years.
A. willhave been
B. have been
C. has been
D. will have
15. Ms. Guth _________ rather not invest that money in the
stock market.
A. has to
B. could
C. would
D. must

3° Select the oneunderlined word or phrase that is incorrect.
1. The majority to the news is about violence or scandal.
A. The
B. to
C. news
D. violence
2. Takeshi swimmed one hundred laps in the pool...
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