Pollution in earth

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  • Publicado : 11 de abril de 2010
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Pollution kills and poison.

It is estimated that in Spain alone, some 16,000 people a year die prematurely because of air pollution in cities-a figure higher than those killed in trafficaccidents or work.

Moreover, its consequences affect around one billion people worldwide, according to the Blacksmith Institute, an association that fights to solve the problems caused by pollution anddrew up a list of the ten most polluted places in the world.

The sites have been selected by environmental experts and specialists from prestigious universities like Harvard and Idaho.

Accordingto the institute, Chernobyl, where an explosion of a nuclear reactor released twenty years ago, about 500 times more radiation than the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, is the city with more pollution inthe world. Nine other locations scattered around the planet, complete the list:

1. Chernobyl (Ukraine). Its air contains uranium, plutonium and other metals and radioactive particles since thenuclear disaster occurred in 1986.

2. Dzerzhinsk (Russia). The armament factories of the time of the 'Cold War' have left their trail in the form of gaseous and highly toxic organic chemicals.

3.Haina (Dominican Republic). The remains of a battery recycling plant of vehicles and closed, still affect a population of 85,000 inhabitants.

4. Zabwe (Zambia) Children of the second largest cityof Zambia recorded in his blood the effects of an area with high levels of pollution due to the numerous industries that populate and copper holdings.

5. La Oroya (Peru). Since 1922, adults andchildren in this mining town are exposed to harmful emissions from a smelter.

6. Linfen (China). Its registered air carbon monoxide, arsenic and lead in alarming dose. The main city is the mecca ofcountry's coal industry.

7. Mailuu-Suu (Kirziguistán). The uranium mine facilities in the city spoils its inhabitants desehecho material with a high level of radioactivity.

8. Norilsk...
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