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The continued increase of population, their progressive concentration in big urban places and the industrial development make serious issues to environment knownlike pollution. Pollution is the presence of weird substances like garbage, pesticides or sewage that come from humans in the environment, making changes in the structureand ecosystem functioning.
The effects are manifested by changes in ecosystem, in generation and propagation of diseases in organism, mass death, extinction ofanimals and vegetables species, in general degradation in quality of life.
They can be chemical, physical and biological
Chemical: they came from chemical industry.(Gasolina, aceite, detergente)
Physical: they came from radioactivity, heat, noise, mechanic effects.
Biological: they are organic wastes, that when they decompose makecontamination. (sangre, fabrica de xela, papel, desague)
Pollution ways: all of them were made by humans
Air pollution: Is a disturbance in the quality and composition of theatmosphere by substances to its normal constitution. (humos (vehículos e industrias), aerosoles, polvo, ruidos, malos olores, radiación atómica).
Water pollution: is caused bythe dumping of sewage or black. It would be urban or industrial. (lavada de ropa, derrame de petroleo n el mar)
Ground pollution: it’s when you throw all kind of waste tothe ground. (basura)
Food pollution: is caused by chemical or biological products. It’s when substances that are unhealth mix with food.
Electromagnetic pollution: is causedby the emission of radio waves and microwaves by modern technology. (televisión, radio)
Sensory pollution: is the aggression to the senses by noise, vibrations, etc.
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