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Simple Present 1What's the best word to complete the sentence?Your score is: 100%.Questions completed so far: 9/10.

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John ________ very hard in class, but I don't think he'llpass the course.
  ?    try
  ?    trys
correct  tries
The bank ________ at four o'clock.
  ?    close
  ?    closies
correct  closes
My best friend________ to me every week.
  ?    write
  ?    writies
correct  writes
My mother ________ eggs for breakfast every morning.
  ?    fry
  ?    fryscorrect  fries
It ________ almost every day in Manchester.
  ?    rain
  ?    rains
incorrect  raines
My life is so boring -- I just ________ TV every night.
correct  watch  ?    watchies
  ?    watches
We ________ to Spain every summer.
correct  fly
  ?    flys
  ?    flies
She ________ in Florida.
  ?    livecorrect  lives
  ?    livees
Jo is so smart that she ________ every exam without even trying.
  ?    pass
  ?    passies
correct  passes
I ________ in a bank.correct  work
  ?    works
  ?    workes

Forming the Simple Present TensePut the verb in brackets in the correct form (present simple or present continuous).Your score is: 84%.Someof your answers are incorrect. Incorrect answers have been left in place for you to change.

coupleMary and I work (work) in the same office, but we're completely different. She likes (like) coffee,but I like (like) tea. She washes (wash) her car every weekend, but I never clean (clean) mine. She smiles (smile) all the time at work, but I feel (feel) miserable. I complain (complain) about theboss all the time, but Mary  (think) the boss is a nice person. When I finish (finish) work, I like to drink beer with my friends, but Mary studies (study) at night school. The boss  (think) Mary is...
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