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  • Publicado : 28 de noviembre de 2011
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An article in www.islamreligion.com, “Reasons why Islam permits polygamy”, talks about how and why polygamy is adopted by Islam. The article explains the Islam´s reasons to permit polygamy based onthe Quran and some social problems. It describes different topics and illustrates several examples about polygamy. I completely agree with polygamy because it solves many social problems and helpspeople to reach their personal desires and beliefs of a family.

The article says and states that polygamy in Islam religion is a way to solve many social problems. It is mainly basedon the Islamic Quran and some statistics, which show important numbers. I believe that it should be considered as an alternative to marry, especially if it leads to solve different problems.According to law Professor Bev Baines “polygamy should be decriminalized because its discrimination violates the people´s choice to have several marital relationships” [2009]. This is a good point becauseit leads people to open their minds to different beliefs and behaviors related to marriage.

Then the article explains how men and women, especially men; use polygamy as a way to preservetheir lineage and family costumes, they frequently marry more than one wife to have more children and calm their sexual desires. I dare to assert that if men and women are in agreement withpolygamy to protect and reach their expectations, it is the best choice. According to Islamology webpage if men need more than one women to satisfy their natural sexual desires Polygamy accepts this, withthe condition that the spouse responds to the basic responsibilities in the family.

To conclude, the article really shows the importance that polygamy has in Islamic culture, and howit can solve a lot of problems seen in modern society.