Pop art vs. cubism

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As you know, in the nineteenth century, a lot of important artists were born, who left a printin the world, creating two specific movements of art. These movements were Pop Art and Cubism. Both artists were different but had something very important in common, they revolutionized the arthistory, marking a tendency in the art , that we can appreciate today. The ¨fathers¨ of these two different movements were Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso.
Andy Warhol was born in 1928 in Pittsburg ,NewYork and died in 1987 also in his hometown. He´s real name was Andrew Warhola , but he was better known as ¨Andy Warhol¨. He was an artist , a writer and also a filmmaker who played an important rolein the creation of the ¨Pop Art ¨. As you can see , his work made him one of the most influential artists in the twentieth century because of his idea of art revolution. His main question was tomake the public reflect on what art could really be. On the other side , Pablo Picasso was born in 1881 in Málaga , Spain and died in 1973 in France. He was an artist and sculptor . He was also a biginfluence for most of the artist in the twentieth century and made more than two thousand works in his whole life. He specialized on other areas: drawing , books illustration, sculpture , ceramics anddesign of scenery and costume for theater productions. He created the “Cubism” which consisted in changing the conventional description of the things into an abstracted structure with a three...
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