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“In booming gulf, Arab women find freedom in the sky” by Katherine Zoepf
Biography of Katherine Zoepf
She is an American journalistborn in Ohio. She works for the New York Times. The reading of ‘’ In Booming Gulf’’ was published by this journal. Due to her career, it’s considerable that her work is based on reality. She is thewriter, but bases herself on true information.
According to the descriptive references of the reading, the author explains the reality of women in some Middle Eastern countries, as thestereotypical individual who lacks of any sense of freedom and whose life belongs to religion, family and husband.
This is the most known part of the story, but throughout the text, it is described howsome of them find a sort of self dependence at work, in this case at airplanes. Arabian women walk themselves towards the “productivity path” in order to recognize the rights which are not at home, andimprove their life quality going into this part of the society they barely know: companies’ environment. One of the most important facts in this phenomenon is that people in these courses prove theiractual capacity to not depend only on their family, and globalism is more often considered as an option before settling back the cultural issue of the Middle East against female genre. Each year moreand more young women are choosing this main activity as their personal income rather than working at home, and serving a non-developing society.
Women around the United Arab Emirates searchfor a job in this country as flight attendants in the Etihad Training Academy. This is due because they’ve a good wage and protection. They give them a room with two beds one for her and the other foranother woman. This rooms is checked by 3 security guards. Families also led to this decision because they said that its better living traveling securely than in their own country. Arabs and...
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