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  • Publicado : 20 de abril de 2010
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Changes for 0.9.2
When no servers have been registered, automatically open the "Register Server"
dialog on startup.

Fixed a minor bug which didn't automatically set thecorrect default values for
some features introduced in the prevous version when registering a new server.

Added an "Unlimited" option for the Automatic SELECT Limit option.

Enabled pluginsupport.

Fixed a bug compiling MySQLCC with Qt < 3.1.0.

Updated German Translation (Thanks to Mat Leinmueller)

Updated French Translation (Thanks to Philippe Boxho)

Fixed a bugwhich automatically used the default unix socket when "localhost" was
defined as the servers hostname. It the unix socket is used if the hostname is
"localhost" and port no. 3306

ImportantNotes for 0.9.1-beta
This is a minor bug-fix release MySQL Control Center.

Changes for 0.9.1
Fixed a bug which didn't allow fields to be edited(introduced in 0.9.0)

Fixed a bug which reset the password when editing users under certain

Important Notes for 0.9.0-beta
This is a majorbug-fix and enhancement release of MySQL Control Center. Most of
the known bugs have been fixed in this version. All users are encouraged to upgrade
to this release.

Changes for 0.9.0------------------
Fixed a bug that crashed mysqlcc when trying to connect to 2 or more servers that
had the "Prompt for Password" property checked.

The Console Window now displays tool-tips for allthe buttons.f

Fixed the configure scripts to check for mysql 4.0.0+ for when compiling mysqlcc
from a source distribution.

Fixed a bug which crashed mysqlcc when one double-clicked onthe results panel
when an empty query was executed.

An error message now appears when an empty query is executed.

Fixed a bug which used incorrect tables in certain circumstances. If the...
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