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  • Publicado : 22 de agosto de 2012
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What happened to bring me here was my was the finding in my dorm room of paraphernalia that belongs to marijuana use. And a text which involved marijuana in it which made me come to the DisciplineCommittee. That also happened to bring me to a suspension of this community I am involved in. I don’t think this behavior is helping me at all, and it can only cause me negative outcomes in my life.This behavior can only bring me down and can not make me get into positive thing neither for me or anyone. My behavior can't be really accepted anywhere. I do want to do something about it, I want tomake it up to myself by making choices that will take me into good things and make me get a better future and precent. But I also want make it up to the people surrounding me. My friends, family,teachers, all the people who has been involved in this event. During my suspension I had a team presentation which I missed because of this behavior and I left my teammate alone doing it and I didn't feelvery good about it. I also left my teachers, their classes and all the learning that I could have had learned during that week. I try my best in my classes but I will try harder and make up for thismistake I made. Also with my family I had to make them pay for a plane ticket and go through this thing all because of a mistake I did everyone had to pay a little bit, of their time, their freedom,other thing they could have been doing or done if this have not happened. I feel and from what I know I gain well recognition In this school by being friendly to everyone and trying to get along witheveryone here. New people, young people, older people, specially with the internationals. I like to help my peers explaining and going through their spanish homework. But not only in homework I like tohelp them with also with any kind of problem they have, they can always count with my for help in anything. I also am a good part of a team and like to contribute as much as I can. In the dorm, in...
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