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A snapshot of a childhood.
* Set: A living room
*Coffee table
*Two chairs
*A lamp
*Flowers arrangement
* Characteres:
*Vivian Bolio: Michael Jackson.
*Clothes: white glove, blackjeans, white t-shirt, black jacket, black shoes, black hat.
*Paola Gozzi: Gandhi.
*Clothes: glasses, toga, whit out shoes.
*Karen Martinez and Natalia Bates: Are the host.
*Clothes: skirt, high heels,white t-shirt, jacket.
Scene 1.
In the studio television set Gandhi “Paola Gozzi” enter for the door wearing a white toga and glasses, the host”Natalia Bates” is get up and with applause forreceived Gandhi, wearing a skirt, high heels, white t-shirt, jacket. Gandhi and the host are sitting and being the interview. Gandhi is sitting in the chair looking to the host.
* H: Hi Gandhi can iask you some questions about your life?
* G: Sure, why not?
* H: Okay let´s star… what is your full name?
* G: My full name is Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi it’s a little difficult to learnright?
* H: A little haha, where and when were you born?
* G: I was born on October 2 in 1869 , in Nueva Delhi India .
* H: Did you start the pacifist revolution?
* G: yes weformed a group of people and started protesting against social injustices
* H: how did you started to protest?
* G: mading news laws, fasting, protesting, and hungry strikes
* H: why wereyou on hungry strikes?
* G: to protest against unfair takes and racist law
* H: what were you fight about?
* G: by the Indian people, because we didn´t have rights, I fought for had itand by the kids that there would be enslaved
* H: do you have a movie of your chillhood?
* G:yes if you wanna see it , you have to buy it o the stores.
* H: Well thank you for comingGandhi do you want to say something to your fans?
* G: Yes, try to be best person everyday
* H: thank you, I will try to do those thing did you do.

Scene 2.
Gandhi “Paola Gozzi” leaves to...
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