Por que me hago pajas

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Example: You can go outside now. The sun _________ (shine).
You can go outside now. The sun is shining.

-------------------------------------------------Principio del formulario
1. | I can't help you now. I (have) a shower. |
2. | It always (rain) here in summer. |
3. | I (think) I should go now. |
4. | It (rain). Take your umbrella with you. |5. | Listen! Somebody (make) a noise. |
6. | I'm tired. I (want) to go now. |
7. | Where are you? I'm in the kitchen. I (cook). |
8. | I (not/watch) the TV. You can turn it off. |
9. |Excuse me! You (stand) on my foot. |
10. | George (watch) TV at the moment. |
Final del formulario

Choose the correct verb form from the dropdown menu and form sentence in the Simple Present or thePresent Progressive. |
1) John football at the moment. |
2) We often tests at our school. |
3) I to my teacher now. |
4) Look! Mandy and Susan a film on TV. |
5) Olivia her uncleevery weekend. |
6) Now the sun . |
7) They sometimes poems in the lessons. |
8) Listen! The band the new guitar. |
9) First I , then I dress. |
10) Every morning my mother up at 6 o'clock. ||

Answer the questions with the words given in brackets

1. What is Kim doing on Monday evening? (to meet Tom)
2. What is she doing on Tuesday afternoon? (look after Carol's kids)
3.What is she doing on Tuesday evening? (play badminton)
4. What is she doing on Wednesday morning? (see the dentist)
5. What is she doing on Wednesday evening? (work late)
6. What isshe doing on Thursday afternoon? (pick up Jen from the airport)
7. What is she doing on Friday evening? (go to a concert)
8. What is she doing on Saturday morning? (go on a sight-seeing tourwith Jen)
9. What is she doing on Saturday evening? (have a party)
10. What is she doing on Sunday morning? (take Jen to the airport)

Put in the verbs in brackets into the gaps and...
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