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Peter White, Jesus, Mary, Ernest, Paul Eustace, Brenda, Petronila ... how can you tell us a name? ... How can you strengthen a personality with a name? ... The name of aperson can tell us much or just create in our minds the image of someone without knowing it ... there a brand name is said to be the intangible asset has a most valuable brand (and / or companies), andhence precisely the power to give life meaning, but most value to a concept that will build the product or services of one company.

The name though is the most important part of a brand is noteverything and this is why the importance of branding, which according to the common denominator of digital literature consulted, is the opportunity to identify and position a brand in the mindconsumer, considering a number of elements surrounding the brand and make the users or consumers have some perception of the product or service offered.

From the point of view of communication that boardbecause my profession I agree, I would like to emphasize that an important function of what is now known as Dircom (strategist internal and external communication of companies), it is the branding, topreserve the image of the company through which a brand communicates with the whole background of it, working with the creative team, marketers and advertisers with the aim that through the brandforward value, benefits, attributes , emotions and experiences to customers ... in short, that our brand is able to differentiate and position in the consumer's mind. And I repeat again my words, not asa company is what I do or offer products or services, but I want to convey ideas, concepts or customer experience that acquires or uses, hence the phrase retake the class we saw: "Do not mind beingthe best just what it is

Branding the term can refer to building a brand image a company wishes to give their products or services. This is to differentiate the brand from others and to position...
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