Porfirio diaz

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  • Publicado : 17 de marzo de 2012
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Porfirio Diaz was a military and political, he used to be a rough man,feared and hated by the population of his country
Porfirio Diaz was an autocrat, he was a born ruler, He has played for the regeneration of his country; it isinteresting how can a person who hasn't been educated, in terms of statecraft, can be called a born ruler.
I found a curios story about Diaz; he announce that all therobbers and bandits that would like to work as police men and to change their lives they could do it with his government; and so the 50% of the bandits that existedthat time in Mexico helped to murder the other fifty percent of the robbers. it was an efficient strategy of Porfirio Diaz, robbers against robbers but turning thehalf of them into rurales.
The population of Mexico was integrated like this:
19% were Spanish; they represented the purest European blood in the country
43%were the mestizo class; they have the Spanish lust and the Indian natural cynicism, robbers, treacherous, idle, dissolute, and cruel, , the Spanish luxury oftemperament with the Indian improvidence.
38% were the Indians, heartless, hopeless, disinherited, and enslaved, these are the true Mexicans.
There was a huge differencebetween the social classes and obviously they would never join together to get a common goal.
I agree with the reading that the weakness of Mexico is that is nota nation, we don't feel part of it, much less proud of living in Mexico; that's why people just complain about what they are going through but they do nothing.
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