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Saint Zita was born in Tuscany in the village of Monsagrati, not far from Lucca where, at the age of 12, she became a servant in the Fatinelli household. For a long time, she was despised,overburdened, reviled, and often beaten by her employers and fellow servants for her hard work and goodness. She had love for those who wronged her, and her respect for her employers. Zita at last succeeded inovercoming the behavior of her fellow-servants and her employers, so much so that she was placed in charge of all the affairs of the house. Her faith had enabled her to go against their abuse, andshe constantly gradually moved the family to a religious awakening.
Zita often said to others that devotion is false if slothful. She considered her work as an employment assigned her by God, and aspart of her penance, and obeyed her master and mistress in all things as being placed over her by God. She always rose several hours before the rest of the family and employed in prayer a considerablepart of the time which others gave to sleep. She went to hear mass every morning before she was called upon by the duties of her station, in which she employed the whole day with such calmness andstrength that she seemed to carry them on her wings, and studied when possible to anticipate them.
One anecdote relates a story of Zita giving her own food or that of her master to the poor. On onemorning, Zita left her chore of baking bread to tend to someone in need. Some of the other servants ensured the Fatinelli family was aware of what happened; when they went to investigate, they claimed tohave found angels in the Fatinelli kitchen, baking the bread for her. They felt very delighted to see something as incredible as that.
St. Zita died peacefully in the Fatinelli house on April 27,1272. It is said that a star appeared above the attic where she slept at the moment of her death. She was 60 years old, and had served and edified the family for 48 years. By her death, she was...
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