Porque lso padres deben de saber lo que sus hijos hacen en internet

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  • Publicado : 24 de septiembre de 2010
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Why the parents need to know what we do on internet?
This is a polemical topic because we have two different opinions. The parent’s opinion and the child’s opinion.
Sometimes the parents are veryrude and they don’t allow new things and sometimes the kids are very rebel and they don’t obey their parents.
In most of the cases the parents control what their kids watch on TV or what they read ,but in the world of internet this very different because sometimes the ignorance or the confidence of the parents make them leave their kids alone online. Sometimes the parents think that their kidsare safe because they are at home but the reality is that sometimes when they think that their kids are doing homework or just playing videogames, many dangers are attacking them. For example a inquestof the pediatrics society of Argentina showed that in almost half of the houses there is not an adult checking what the kids do on internet, 31% of the parents don’t know the nickname that the kidsuse on the chat, 52% don’t know the contacts of their Childs, 90% doesn’t have a firewall and finally 72% don’t active the parental control.
Sometimes we think that the blogs and the chat are personalbut if we don’t take the necessary precautions all information can escape.
In the blogs we think that we are chatting with another teenager or a person of our age because they give us falseinformation but the real thing is that an adult with bad intentions is in the other side of the screen. The pedophiles need just 15 minutes in front of the webcam to get what they want, the virtual crime isone of the most useless modes of crimes to Childs. But not only the adults can connect young to people for sexual reasons because in some cases the kids connect the kids!
Another potential dangerare the social networks like MySpace and facebook because sometimes the bad people search for kids on this networks because we don’t have the necessary precautions with this sites, for example we...
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