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Christian Jiménez Bundo (July 2, 1988 in Sarrià, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain), more known by

his pen name "Carries", is a Spanish MC that interprets musical rap in Castilian. It becameacquaintance for his models is not a question of ages and there is no trick, which they were

widely spread in Internet. His first two álbumes, In mouth of so many people (2008) and two-

poleTranstorno (2009), have been edited by the record multinational Universal Music. It

carries begins to record topics of rap about twelve years of age. In March, 2006 it records a

model autofinancedunder the title of it is not a question of ages, produced by Soma and

recorded in the Studies Lebuqe. In April, the above mentioned model Creative Commons is

published simultaneously underlicense in several web pages of free unloads, between which

MySpace is. The recording harvests a surprising success of unloads. In December, 2006 it

begins to be employed at his second demo, thereis no trick, which sees the light on January

29, 2007. You Upset a few months later, his MySpace's profile is already the second space of

musical subject matter most visited of the abovementioned portal in Spain. Each of his two

models has received more than three million unloads and his profile has been visited more

than 14 million times. His song Dragoon Ball rap is the thirdvideo most seen in Spain in

YouTube's history, with more than 27 million visits. His popularity in the network costs a

record contract him with Universal Music who signs in November, 2007. Hisfirst album, In

mouth of so many people, goes out to the market on February 19, 2008. Though it is received

by the critique of negative form, obtains a notable commercial success, reaching inhis second

week the seventh position in the list of sales of discs in Spain and the certification of golden

disc (more than 40.000 sold copies). The pop video of the topic that gives name...
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