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Environmental pollution is one of the most critical problems in the world and that is why the need has raised awareness of the search foralternatives for their solution.

In this paper we tried to do with the investigation of the pollutants, their origin and possible solutions, to create you concerns that promote awareness of this problem and if possible, to develop community activities that contribute control of pollution of our environment.

Pollution Problems
The great industrial and technological development has outpaced the abilityof nature to restore the natural balance is upset and the man has been compromised.

The biggest problem of human communities is now the trash, because of excessive consumption. Public services become insufficient and the amount of waste as waste that great mass of population has acquired critical dimensions and disturbed ecosystems.

Food waste and organic material contained in garbage,constitute a health problem because they are breeding grounds for insects responsible for transmission of diseases such as gastroenteritis, typhoid fever, malaria, encephalitis, etc ..., attracting rats involved in the spread of bubonic plague, typhoid, food poisoning and Others.

Currently for the garbage disposal is used:

- The landfill: burying waste compressed into very hilly.

Incineration. This method is very useful, can generate electricity and heat, has the disadvantage of producing non-combustible waste also pollutes the air.

- Recycling: the most convenient, hereby recover materials such as glass, paper, cardboard, scrap metal and containers. Can also be produced from the recycling of waste feed and agricultural fertilizer, using organic wastes collected previouslyselected as fat, bone, blood.

Air Pollution

One of the most serious problems we have on the planet earth is the air pollution we breathe, essential for life.

In large cities, air pollution is caused due to leakage of gas combustion engines, household appliances for heating, industry, which is released into the atmosphere, either as gases, vapors or able to keep solids in suspension, a higherthan normal values, undermine the life and health, both human and animals and plants.
The air pollution comes predominantly of industrial pollution by combustion, and the main causes are the generation of electricity and the automobile.
Excessive use of the car causes a high degree of air pollution and if we add that many of them are in poor condition and fired a large number of pollutants thatdirectly affect the health of individuals, we can realize how much we can contribute to the environment.
Polluted air affects us in our daily life, manifesting itself in different forms in our body, such as eye irritation and disorders in the conjunctiva, respiratory tract irritation, exacerbation of broncho pulmonary diseases, etc.
There are several ways to avoid air pollution, namely:
*Use proper fuel for domestic heating and industry.
* Use filters chimneys runs or able to discharge their duties.
* Maintain motor vehicles in good condition.
* Do not burn leaves or garbage, etc..

To have cleaner air, it is need to help improve our environment, nature is all and in our hands to keep to bequeath to our children a healthy environment.

Water Pollution

The water isnot only essential part of our physical nature and that of other living beings, but also contributes to the general welfare in all human activities. Water is used mainly as an indispensable element in the diet of all living things and this is one of the few elements without which life could not be maintained. For all this water offers great benefits to humans, but also can transmit diseases such...
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