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II.5 Small, big families
Points 2, 3 y 4
2.Read the following blog messages. Identify the family relationships.
Hi, everyone! My name is Lyn Wong. I am 24 years old. I live with myadoptive parents China. My father´s name is Ziyang, and my mother name is Chang-Ying. I have no brothers or sisters. I am a computer software engineer, and I´m engaged. What about yourfamilies?

Hello, Lyn. My name is Dagoberto suarez. I live in Monterrey, Mexico, with my wife Rebeca, and our two children Ana and Rodrigo. Ana is thirty.She ir married to an extraordinary doctor, Eduardo. Their son´s name is Miguel. And our son Rodrigo is a university student. He´s 19 and still single.

Hi, people ! I live inTexas. My name is James Brown. My parents are divorced. My mom, Joanna, is married to my stepfather Frank. They have one son, Jack. My dad´s name is Tony. His new wife is Martha. They havethree daughters, Nelly, Kate and Julie. They are triplets. We all are a happy family!

2. After reading the texts, write if the sentences are true (T) or false (F).
_____________ Anais a grandmother.
_____________ Lyn is an only child.

4. Now, use the information from the texts above to complete the family charts.
Lyn´s family Dagoberto´s family James´family_________is Chang-
Lyn´s adoptive father is ziyang.

Dagoberto´s wife is rebeca.
Dagoberto and Rebeca´s
Ana´s____________ is
Miguelis dragoberto and Rebeca´s _____________.
Tony is
James´stepmother isMartha.
James´half sisters
Are _____________,

And _______________.
___________is Joanna.Jam es´stepfather

Total number of family
Members ____________
Total number of family
Members ____________ Total number of family
Members ____________
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