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I. Tell me what happened
I.1 Searching for the past
1. - Find the rule. Look at these sentences. Some are in present tense, some are in past actions.
a) I play soccer every Sunday
b) I played basketball last Saturday
c) They never study
d) Anne studied very hard yesterday
There is a final – ed on the verb in sentences written in PAST tense
3. - Write the past tense form of the followingregular verbs. Make sure you know their meaning

5. -Complete the sentences with the regular verbs watch, play, celebrate, visit, and study in past tense form

a) He watched the soccer game on TV yesterday
b) She played golf in the park last week
c) I celebrated my birthday at home last year
d) I visited my grandpa last weekend
e) He studied math with Miss Jones two hours ago

6. - In this Word Search, find the regular verbs you wrote in number 3in the simple past tense

D | E | L | E | V | A | R | T | K | D |
A | C | E | L | I | K | E | D | J | E |
P | B | D | F | S | G | I | S | H | T |
L | S | E | O | I | M | L | T | L | A |
A | P | T | R | T | Q | R | A | I | R |
Y | Z | N | U | E | N | T | R | V | B |
E | B | A | X | D | S | W | T | E | E |
D | F | W | V | U | I | V | E | D | L |
G | W | A | T | C | H | E | D | M| E |
C | A | L | L | E | D | J | D | K | C |

I.2 When did it happen
1. - Underline the past time expression in these sentences
a) I called my girlfriend last night
b) Last month, he moved to Paris with his family
c) She lived in Spain three years ago
d) They graduated from High School last year
e) Yesterday, I stayed at my friend’s house

2. – Read Gloria’s Diary extracts to knowwhat she did the last few days
November 3, 2010
I visited my friend Isabel and we rented a movie. We watched “Avatar”. We also studied for the second English partial exam.

November 5, 2010
I had a great day at school. I took the second English partial exam I got a 100!

November 10, 2010
My friends and I celebrated Edith’s birthday. I invited all our friends, we danced and we played videogames, too. We were very happy at the end of the party

November 16, 2010
I stayed at home and helped my mum to clean the house. In the evening, I went to the park with my friends and played basketball

3. – Classify the actions that Gloria did according to the time expressions Two weeks ago, Last week and Yesterday. Check your answer with your teacher
Two weeks ago | Last week | Yesterday || | |

I.3 Things you never forget
1.- Read the following short text and complete it with the simple past tense of the verbs in parenthesis. Check your answers with a partner.
My best friend in kindergarten
Ten years ago, Alex was my best friend in kindergarten. He lived (live) near my house. He liked (like) to play with pets. He went (want) a big dog but he had a small one. I had asmall dog too. We played (play) with our dogs and small cars. He treated (treat) me very well and we never fought.

II. Life Experiences
II.1 It really happened
1.- One day Sally’s older sister, Fiona, was telling her a story about a famous boat, the Titanic.
Sally: Why is the Titanic famous?
Fiona: Because it was a big, luxury boat and something terrible happened to it
Sally: What happened?Tell me!
Fiona: OK Listen.
2. - Complete Fiona’s story about the Titanic using the verbs in the box
Sank Rescued Traveled Left Saw |

The Titanic
The Titanic left on April 10, 1912. It traveled from Southampton to New York. It was very big and luxurious boat and many people wanted to travel...
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