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  • Publicado : 6 de septiembre de 2012
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Hi Guys of Pxndx,
My name is Raymer, I am the organizer of the annual festival of the state school of music in the city of Chetumal in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Well, this letter to invite you to come play your music with us.
The event will be held at the Minerva Theater here in Chetumal, which is only of a one night.
I await your response .
Thank you!
Chetumal, Quintana Roo toJanuary 2, 2012
Interjet Mexico,
I´m writing this letter to extend my discontent with the baggage handling system, because the last trip I made, with flight number 1263, on December 28, 2011, to the city of Mexico my suitcase and luggage was lost, which had large amounts of personal, valuable items, including a HP Mini CQ10 Laptop and my passport.
I sincerely ask if you could return mypersonal belonging soon as possible.
Thanks For your attention

Dear Tom,
I do not know if you remember what my goal was, last month I decided to start running every morning, I go to the boulevard every morning and truthfully I feel it helps me a lot to perform my daily activities. Well, the first week was a little hard but I already getting accustom, I invite you to do the same, is will be I wisedecision in your life.
Take Care.

Hi Frank,
How are you?
Are ready to our “Choco Aventura” in London, I hope so. I hope you are saving your money. I have my money in the bank; my family already went to London once. They have many memories of that place. My sister asked me a replica of Big Ben, and my mother a picture of Mr. Bean. I hope we get to do all the stuff wetalked last time we chat in the messenger. My mom says we need almost ten thousand dollars. I think it will be expensive but awesome trip.
See you.
Take care, Goodbye.
Hello, How are you?
Hope you are fine, I´m good. About your question, “how is the best way to learn English?” The best answer I could give you is that you should go live where only this language is spoken, or go to study in aprivate school. Well in my case it was in a private school and one of the things that is most difficult for me was the pronunciation. You should practice your pronunciation aswell. Take care. bye :)
Section II
1. The changing car
From the beginning, human find ways to be transported in a fast and easy way. One of the most remarkable inventions of transportation has been the car. From thesteam-powered cars to electric cars powered by solar energy, gasoline cars are the most used, but electric cars have a reputation as environmentalists. One of the most famous and most popular cars today with a presence in the market is the 2012 Camaro with 312 horsepower and a very cool designs.
2. Good.
This is only a small criticism which is attached to and described the new styles of this season.The reality is that what you do is to a certain social class. but what they really believe is that many of the things that you sometimes offer are unnecessary for everyday use. the truth I don´t think on buying anything they offer and I do not think that is an expense useful for my world.
Thanks for your attention.
3. The best way to travel
Traveling is one of the things that everyone does, twoof the common ways to travel is by train and plane, the train but had not so much an era which was the most common, but has the disadvantage of being very taken. Now is the plane, which is said to be the best way to travel as it is faster and is safer, statistics for aero accident there is one in a million, the probability is very small. I think the plane is the best way to travel.
4. My oldcinema
this cinema is close to my house in the colony Solidarity has opened more than 14 years and only works with a single room in good condition, however it is so famous and has no expected earnings. I think they should remodel the building and also better train their employees to be more helpful.
5. Awesome!
This is the new name of the club restaurant that recently opened here in Chetumal,...