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I. BRIEF INTRODUCTION Container Tracking System utilizes the GPS and GPRS functions in one unit. You can monitor the container or the vehicle location and set the system remotely. In addition, the unit will send event report if any trigger occurs. The standard report sent by the unit includes the information: (1) unit’s ID, (2)status, (3) time, (4) GPS’s latitude and longitude, (5) speed, (6) direction, (7) device’s status, (8) event number, and (9) report configuration parameters. The reporting mode can be categorized as ‘normal’ mode, and ‘power saving’ mode. In normal mode, the GPS will always be activated while moving, and it can be shut off the GPS when stop (for power saving purpose). To enable the maximum powersaving, user can choose “power saving mode”. In this mode, the GPS will be activated only when there is a report to send while moving. The report parameters can be set from the PC setup program. CTS100 can be set to go in sleep mode (while not moving); the system will cut the power of GPS module in order to save power. With build-in 3-D acceleration sensor, CTS100 can select related reporting modeswith respect to it is moving or not. The device has built-in 4 Geo-fences; it will send the report to the server if the Geo-fence event is triggered. The UNIT must be initialized by PC setup program in order to make communication with the remote server /call center. There are four main sections that allow users to program the device, (1) User detail (Device ID, server IP, and port, GPRS APN….) (2)Geo-fence (4 circular Geo-fence) (3) Report (Time, Distance, speed, Low battery, wakeup …) (4)Trigger report(Tamper ,Door) When there is no GPRS service or the server close. The unit will send short message to the preset number. The max number of SMS message (monthly usage) and the monthly renew date can be set from the pc setup program or the remote setup program. Only 1 SMS number can be set. Thereports sent via the SMS will be out again via GPRS after a valid GPRS connection is made. CTS100 can be configured by the PC setup program or the Over-the-Air (OTA) commands / or remote program. The unit can communicate with the server via UDP or TCP protocol. The protocol can be selected from the PC-setup program or remote server commands. Flash memory for recording reports up to 900 reports.It can be read out from the PC setup program via serial port. Using built-in real time clock to identify the report time, when GPS signal is lost. Hence, if the report is received with “LAST KNOWN” message, the time in the report will be the real time clock, but the GPS position will be the last known valid GPS position. Three LED indicate the status of the system: Power indicator: When the unitpower on, the led will flash 1time/3sec by green. If the power has low status, the LED will change to red. when the battery charge ok then power LED will change to green. If tamper switch is triggered, the power indicator will flash twice continuously; if door sensor is triggered, the power indicator will flash 5 times continuously GPS indicator: LED is GREEN when the unit has acquired a valid GPSsignal, and it will flash when the unit is searching GPS signal.

GSM/GPRS indicator: Orange LED will flash when the device is connected to the server with valid GPRS connection. It will stay continuously on when it is in GSM mode. It will stay off if there is no GSM reception. Note that the GSM/GPRS and GPS LED’s indication will not be valid until the system goes to the working mode,normally 30 seconds after power on. II. The main unit’s housing with Strong Magnetic Gives You Easy Instant Install Placement! Just like we put you in control on how and when your CTS100 reports to you with your own online controls, we also put YOU in control of how you want your CTS100 installed on any container or vehicle. In addition, the unit has built-in door magnetic sensor, it used to detect the...
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