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The Up movie begins with Carl Fredricksen as a young boy who idolizes his adventuresome hero Charles Muntz. Although shy and quiet, Carl imagines going on epic expeditions over the Grand Canyonand around Mount Everest, emulating his hero, Muntz, who travels on a blimp called Spirit of Adventure.
Then Carl Becomes a Lonely, Bitter Old Man and he marries a girl named Ellie. They couldn’thave kids and the movie continues when they are an elderly couple, still happily together. One day Carl looks up at the collection of trinkets above the fireplace mantle and the painting of their houseat Paradise Falls and feels regret that he has not fulfilled his childhood promise to Ellie.
He goes to a travel agent and buys two airline tickets to Venezuela, South America, with a wish tosurprise his beloved wife. He calls her to the top of the hill where they had gone so often in the past to talk about their dreams and aspirations, but Ellie can't get to the top. Carl rushes back down toher side.
Ellie doesn't make it in the Up movie. She dies before they've had their grand adventure together and now Carl is all alone and grieves terribly for his wife.
Now, Carl still lives in thesame house but he turns into a grumpy old man then he meets a chubby Asian-American boy nameds Russell and he wants to earn his "Assisting the Elderly" badge. Carl sends Russell away to look for afake bird called a snipe. Russell eagerly accepts the mission and runs off.
After Russell leaves, Carl gets into a conflict with a construction worker over the damage of Carl's mailbox. The incidentlanded him in court and a recommendation from the police officer to leave to Shady Oaks retirement village for seniors. He gives in but hatches a scheme to fulfill his promise to Ellie in the Up movie.He ties thousands of colorful balloons to his house to start his adventure over. However he realizes Russell is on board and he turns into Carl’s nightmare.

With Russell, everything changes...
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