Posesion para la iglesia

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  • Publicado : 24 de marzo de 2011
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Possession since the religious point of view is when a person lost the knowledge about his own because the presence of a wicked spirit, when it happens, there is atreatment used which has the name of exorcism. In this topic there are two important expositors that could talk about possessions; they are the Science and the religious.
For the Catholic ChurchPossession is equal to the presence of the devil o a wicked spirit in the soul of a person who can be innocent or lacking of faith. The action for this situation is an exorcism, which consists in get out thedemon, wicked spirit o presence from the body of the possessed whit a ceremony and subject and forced it to take the decision of leave the victim.
For religious the reason of a possession is becausethe demon or spirit has not a physical body for making his purposes and they try to use something to show his presence and there is when they take a human body, because it allows them to talk,communicate and act as is its will. This situation is determinate by a group of priest if the victim has been subjected to the Medicine studios and the science has not answer to the situation.
In other handit is the scientific point of view where the “possession” is taken as a psychiatric identity problem of a person, qualified as a “dissociative overturn for possession”. Grateful psychiatrists as HugoLande accept the exorcism but not possession and he affirms “the exorcism that is used by priest is a suggestion therapy that helps the patient”.
For Science possession is a disconnection of theexperiences, thoughts and feelings that depend of the beliefs of the patient; and the cure is in the hands and will of the patient.
Jus to finish, the difference between science and religious is goingto be present in this topic always, because there are a lot of things that scientific or technology can not to explain. The victim or the patient will have an important place to permit or not to get...
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