Position paper of the turkish republic of northern cyprus (mun)

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Committee: Security committee

Topic: The reunification of Cyprus

Country:Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus

Delegate: Gabriela Hernández

TheTurkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) has been fighting and divided from the Greece Republic of Southern Cyprus since 1974. Since the beginning Greecehas given minority to Turkey in all aspects of the island, pushing Muslims to feel threatened and try to protect their religion. In fact in 1964 Turkeyattempted to invade Cyprus but was stopped by the U.S.A president. 10 years later on 1974 turkey send a military invasion on the island attacking all positionsof Greece in Cyprus. The Turkish Republic of northern Cyprus declared its independence in 1983.

The delegation of TRNC is in agreement with thereunification of Cyprus because it would help the island to grow and improve as a country. TRNC believes that in order to unify the both sides, the leaders of eachside of the island must specified to what are they committed to do in order to unify the country again. This would be benefic for both sides if we take intoaccount that for keeping growing and improving they should be together. Also the TRNC believes that unifying the two sides of the country would help Turkeyto be accepted in the EUROPEAN UNION cause the war between it and Greece would end.

Turkey wants to demonstrate to the UN that he has change and he isready to let the two Cyprus to reunificate. TRNC is ready to unify and became one country with the Greece republic of Cyprus if that would stop the war.
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