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  • Publicado : 26 de enero de 2011
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Education according students’ potential
The Kingdom Spain
Agustin Omar Mejia Contreras es gay
It’s important to discuss this problem, about choosing students according their potential; wemust consider that it’s not right to choose what or what not they have to study. This might be a huge discussion between divide them or not, but in fact it can reduce the confidence to the students,as they can’t choose what to do and what do they like most. Even they could improve their potential by taking classes with other people who understand.
This new educational program can affect studentsby choosing by them, which is a huge problem, because they are not learning how to choose, or neither what they want to do. Many countries don’t approve this educational program because they know itbring problems to students, even could bring society a new division to talk about. The delegation of Spain, believes it could be a huge mistake, because they are not deciding what is best for them,they are just doing what are told to do, not improving. It also believes that all countries should deny this because then we could make the others understand the importance of the own decisions .Itwould be a movement in which people are free to choose what they want and what they don’t. So the delegation of Spain will not approve this educational program because we think it’s a wrong way to educateour students. As we think, it is the not the best way for all countries here. And the delegation of Spain is sure that if we don’t approve this educational program, then we’ll find better options toimprove education in world.
The delegation of Spain believes we must reject the division between low potential students and high potential students, in order to develop the way of taking decisionsfrom our country, and world. The benefits that this contributes are few in and also it would really affect students. It’s better to let them decide in order of their priorities and in order to their...
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