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  • Publicado : 23 de marzo de 2010
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Topic: Israel/Palestina
Country: Estado de Israel
Position statement
For our delegation it is very important to state that Israel has right to a territory as much as other nations have. Thatis why the delegation considers of vital importance to find agreements affordable for the two nations mainly distressed.
It is clear to the countries which have fought against this issue, thatterrorism causes many social, political and economical problems. The delegation of Israel believes that it is not necessary to defend ideologies or rights and other diplomatic solutions could be used.However, when the diplomatic dialogue has failed, other type from options must be considered. Radical actions require radical measures. The delegation of Israel totally supports the proposal of U.S.and China of creating an antiterrorist security force to ensure peace; mainly in the place where the conflict has affected civilians the most. Also, to protect the cities that are the most importantto the main religions in the entire world: Catholic, Jewish and Muslim.
The delegation of Israel also wishes to improve the quality of the education in the Middle East; based in values of toleranceand respect to avoid conflicts in the future and achieve peace.
The delegation of Israel appreciates the attention of the committee and exhorts other nations to find more solutions.
“The firstcondition to peace, is the will of achieving it” – Juan Luis Vives.
Committee: Security Council
Country: Estado de Israel

Position statement
For our delegation it is very important tostate that Iran has right to develop technology in favor of the scientific progress, nevertheless the type of project that is being executed, can cause conflicts if it is not used of constructive way.Being completely conscientious of the energetic problem which our planet faces, Israel supports the creation of new projects that develop clean energy and safer than the one than it has been...
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