Positions on casualty and free will

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Question #1. Based on “Positions on Causality and Free Will”, I would place myself on the side of a libertarian. I do believe in free will and consequently consider that determinism is false. Ibelieve that at any point in time, every human being is capable of making a decision based on external factors. I do not believe that every action taking by a person has already been predeterminedyears ago.

I completely agree with Richard Taylor (1919-2003, American philosopher) when he said “I deliberate in order to decide what to do, not to discover what it is that I am going to do”. I thinkthat every human being experiences the decision-making process because we do not know what we are going to do and it is in our power to do what we are thinking of doing.

Using an example from thephilosopher Jacque Fresco (1916-, American Philosopher) would adequate very well with my beliefs. During his lecture in Copenhagen (26/09/2009) Jacque Fresco gave an example of people getting oldand dying, and how it was a widely accepted fact. He went on to explain that according to doctors and scientists we all get old and wrinkle because our blood vessels accumulate plaque and thereforenutrients cannot get out. He then proposed an alternative that if we all knew how to maintain our bodies in optimum conditions, we would all live indefinitely.

Question #2. From my point of view,science and religion are completely different. I believe that religion is overall subjective while science is totally objective. Even though they both are accepted and respected individually, I thinkthat religion represents the unknown while science represents the knowledge.
Religion cannot be proven and it is abstract; instead, science can be proven and we can have tangible examples andsituations throughout scientific investigations.

Question #3. There is the myth that if you sleep 8 hours a day you have a longer life span; however, nothing in this myth accounts for the type of...
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