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  • Publicado : 30 de noviembre de 2011
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In our country we can find maybe all of these resources because in Spain the rural tourism isone of the most important types of tourism that we have.
When you do rural tourism you can realize activities like birdwatching in many centres that are specialised in birds, and they help you to knowmore about this animals and obviously they help you to study and see these birds. You can also find this activity for all the ages, usually old man are interested to do this but children, incampsites used to stay with animals, sometimes birds and study their way of live. I don’t know if brewing is done in Spain, but I really know that beer is very important in Spain, because is a typical drink,furthermore we have our own brands of beer. An activity like cycling is very common in our country because we have a lot of routes to go by bike, in fact one of the most important routes that wehave, the Way of Santiago could be done by bike.
The farms are so popular also see in the north of Spain, in fact there is a program called Farmer looks for a wife, and they show you the live of afarmer. You can find fishing villages in all around Spain because is envolved of water. There are also a lot of forest at the north of Spain because the climate, because is raining every part of the yearand the forest are very thick. In Spain we have a lot of awesome landscapes, because we have a lot of mountains, rivers, sees and a big variety of landscapes. In the landscapes you can find meadows,and usually there are cows and sheeps. The lifestyle if different , if you are at the big cities is very stressed, but in the towns you have lot of calm.
In the place that I live, Valencia, there area lot of orchards because the agriculture in the orchards is a traditional activity, they used to grow rice, and a lot of vegetables, in fact my grandfather is agricultor and he has a lot of...
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