Post trauma stress disorder

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Thanks God because I have never been involved in any type of accident or catastrophe which it has had some traumatic effect in my life, mifamily or friend, but I guess that it is hard to forget all those painful memories of our minds.
In the Jarrett’s accident, a car while crossing the street hits him; after hissurgery and slow rehabilitation, he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. The first symptom that Jarrett could display is flashbacks; it is probable that he relives theaccident. According to Laura king “A flashback can make the person lose touch with reality and reenact the event for seconds, hours, or, very rarely, days” In Jarrett’s accident,after his surgery and his slow rehabilitation he had been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. Another symptom that he could display is avoidance of emotional experienceand of taking about emotion with others. For example; de doesn’t want to talk with his friends or family about what he is feeling. Other symptom that he could display isexcessive arousal; this symptom could result in incapacity to sleep. Another symptom is difficulties with his memory and his concentration. The last but not least symptom is Reducedability to fell emotions, According to Laura King; “ often reported as feeling numb, resulting in an inability to experience happiness, sexual desire, or enjoyable interpersonalrelationships”.
To conclude, I want to clarify that no everyone who experiences traumatic accidents or catastrophes is diagnosed with PTSD. In each person, genetic predispositions,other previous traumatic events, or our ability to overcome emotional problems play and important role.

Reference: Laura King. The Science of Psychology 2 edition. Pag 497
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