Power factor

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Power Factor-Power Factor is used to describe the electrical efficiency of the electricity being used in your home or business. For example, a .59 Power Factor means that you are at 59%efficiency of electric usage. A good Power Factor is one that reads .90 or 90% or better. When your Power Factor is low, it causes a strain on your electric distribution system and the electric wiringin your home or business. This strain heats up the wires and panels and causes line losses, which are Watts, and causes you to pay for electricity you're not using because it is lost in heatdissipation.
Amperage-Is the component of electricty that does all the work, so if you can decrease the amount of Amperage draw in your home or business, you reduce your killowatt hour usage andthus reduce your electric bill.
Voltage-This is the component of electricty that drives the Amperage, in other words, voltage is the pressure that sends amperage flowing through your wires inyour home or business.
Line Side Amperage-This is where your electricity is flowing through your meter and being measured. It’s what you pay for.
Load Side Amperage-This is what everything thatis turned on in your home or business is drawing in amperage to satisfy the load.
OHMS Law-Volts X Amps. X Power Factor=Watts. Watts are what you pay for. By increasing the Power Factor,Amperage must decrease, therefore by mathematical equation your Watts also decrease.
How will installing a Power Save Capacitor in my home or business help with those line losses?
Capacitorsincrease Power Factor and thereby reduces the strain on the wires and distribution system, thus causing the line losses (Watts Lost) to go away. In other words you will cure the line loss and no longerpay for the electricty lost as a result of the poor Power Factor. Generally speaking in most cases, our capacitor unit will increase the Power Factor quite easily to .90 or 90% or above.
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