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|Topic explanation 2 |
| |
|Computer Science II ||Topic 2. Working with text |
| |
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|It is easy to add text to a slide. In most slides, text is contained in boxes called placeholders. |
|You can work with text directly in a placeholder, or you can use the Outline tab. PowerPoint offers many of the same editing and|
|formattingtools found in Microsoft Word. Placeholders make it easy to add text: just click in the placeholder, then type the |
|text. |
|The termformatting refers to the appearance of text or objects on a slide. Most of PowerPoint’s tools are devoted to formatting|
|the various parts of your slides. |
|Fonts are sets of characters, numbers, and symbols in a specific style or design. (Fonts are sometimes also called typefaces.) |
|By default,PowerPoint slides have one or two fonts per presentation: one font for the headings and one for the body text, such |
|as bulleted or numbered items. |
|There are two groups of text formatting tools on the Ribbon: the Font group and the Paragraph group. They allow you to fine-tune|
|the text on yourslides, right down to an individual character. These groups also provide access to the Font and Paragraph |
|dialog boxes, which give you even more control over your text’s appearance. |
|These are the tools you will use more frequently when working with text. |
|To change fonts follow the next steps: |
|Select the text in the title placeholder (if you select the border of the placeholder, changes will apply to all of its |
|Click the Font dropdown arrow, a font list will appear, click a font, PowerPoint will apply the chosen font to the selected |
|text. |
|To change the font size, follow the next steps: |
|Click the Font Size dropdown arrow, a Font Size list will appear. |
|Click on a size. PowerPoint applies...
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