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The Paris Opera House opened in 1870. It is a huge building with hundreds of rooms, doors
and escalinatas.
When the first bone, the opera manager, and the Mister Mister Poligny Devienne,we decided retirarse, housing a
Special actions there. After the performances, the whole world hablaba about the Phantom of the Opera.
''¿Lo Ves?''Asks one of the dancer''Yes!''Respond another dancer, very Sorrow. The Very Ugly''!''
Every dancer comenzaron Speaking to the ghost, the same weather. They said they walked around
the Opera House as a shadow, but you and noone hablaba con todo mundo estaba Demasiado the Sorrow
Speaking with the Centre. The people knew that there estaba Because these accidents is produjo. Los dancer, told the
Ghost was likea skeleton. had no nariz and only had a few dark hair on the head. Suddenly,
Oyo a noise all over the world across a wall. Then it detuvo. One of the dancer was on the wall
and youquestion with shaky voice,''Who is?''Nobody respond. The dancer and Miró opened a door to the corridos.
Vacuum estaba.
There was a silence. CONTINUED, Meg Giry, another dancer, told,''mymother that Dice has a ghost Palcer
private in the Teatro dell'Opera. She occupies the room. Nobody, except the ghost can sit in the room.
But it is secret. Do not say it to no one.
PAGE 6.Count Philippe de Chagny and his brother, Raul, is in encontraban Foyes after the performances.
''What a night!''Told his brother to the Count. Y''Christine Daaé, which is an exceptionalsinger! All
in the opera house of its lively.''
The account was 41 years old, and very elegant. Raul was just 21. Él was sailors.
¿''We can go to see Christine Daaé in your dressingroom?''Raul question. Quiero''congratulations.''
Miro to his brother Philip. It was obvious that Raoul estaba Enamorado! salieron the lobby and walked
the crowd of people to dress for ...