Pptp + mppe + radius + mysql

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kernel sources. (2.4.18 or later prefered.) www.kernel.org
ppp sources from cvs or recent snapshot. www.samba.org/ppp
Freeradius 0.7.1 or later.www.freeradius.org
PoPToP 1.1.3 www.sourceforge.net/projects/poptop

Should be present in most distributions these days:
MySQL www.mysql.com
openssl 0.9.6b or later. www.openssl.org

Caveats: MPPEencryption seems to be available with MS-CHAP authentication only. Not PAP and CHAP. This document assumes only MS-CHAP v2 is used. (As version 1 is totally broken securitywise.)

PPP and kernel:Note: patching the kernel is only required if you are using a kernel version below 2.6.15-rc1 -- James Cameron, 2005-11-16.
Patch your kernel sources with the mppeinstall.sh script in linux/mppe/Configure your kernel source for mppe support (make menuconfig or your prefered way.) The patch makes a new choice for a MPPE module under Network devices - PPP.

Compile and install your kernel andmodules. I take it everybody knows how to do this and update their lilo/grub/whatever bootloader.

Note: current versions of modutils already have these aliases, you may not need them. -- JamesCameron, 2005-11-16.
Doublecheck /etc/modules.conf for aliases to ppp_mppe and so on.
alias char-major-108 ppp_generic
alias tty-ldisc-3 ppp_async
alias tty-ldisc-14 ppp_synctty
alias ppp-compress-18ppp_mppe
alias ppp-comress-21 bsd_comp
alias ppp-compress-24 ppp_deflate
alias ppp-compress-26 ppp_deflate

Now is as good a time as any to reboot with your MPPE enabled kernel. (Some docs tellsyou to install ppp before reboot. Reason unknown, it shouldn't matter.)

Compile and install ppp. MPPE and ms-chapv2 support is compiled in by default.


Compile and install. Nothingfancy needed, as it's pppd that does the magic.

PoPToP and pppd Configuration:

In my /etc/pptpd.conf I have
localip some.ip.add.ress
option /etc/options.pptpd

This is just for clarity, the...
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