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  • Publicado : 3 de septiembre de 2012
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Three die in apartment fire
Fire destroyed an old, run-down apartment building on Main Street yesterday .The majority of the people who lived there were elderly and were not ableto leave the building. Many were injured, and three died.
“The city had known for a long time that the building was a fire hazard. It shouldn’t have been allowed to get away with leaving it in suchdangerous state”, said Molly Goodman, a neighborhood activist. “We must pressure the city to upgrade safety standards for old buildings,” she continued.
City Hall spokesman Howard Munich said hisoffice refused to take responsibility for the tragedy. He was quoted as saying, “ While we are all broken-hearted over this terrible incident, the city will not take the blame for the accident. Last Junewe checked the building and verified that it was safe. All necessary precautions were taken; the fire was caused accidentally. And we could not have prevented it.”
Joseph Wilder, who owns a smallclothing store near the site, saw flames and smoke coming from the building’s windows and immediately called the fire department. There were big black clouds of smoke and long red flames coming out of thewindows. People were crying and yelling. It was a terrible thing to see.”
When asked whether the city would find housing alternatives for the fire victims, Howard Munich responded, “We all know thatthere is a shortage or affordable housing for the elderly. The city will do its best to find suitable accommodations for themselves.”
1. Most of the people in the apartment building could not leavebecause________
A. the buiding was rundown
B. they were injured
C. the building was a fire hazard
D. they were too old to leave without help
E. they are expensive and comfortable2. Molly Goodman feels the city should take responsibility for the fire because_________
A. it decided not to upgrade safety standards for old buidings.
B. it got around to verifying...
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