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Practica 2

Prof: Azalea araujo becerra

Practice 2

My sisters, my brothers and I are busy this afternoon. We are staying after
School, and we are practicingdiferents things.
I am fast, serious, honest and sociable and i am practicing soccer. I practice
Soccer every day after school. I think play soccer is very easy my soccer
Coach is bald and tells meI`m an excellent soccer player and my friends tell
Ma i play soccer very good i want to be a professional soccer player when i
Grow up. That`s why i practice every day.
My sister susana ispracticing basketball, she is very tall and blond. She
Practices basket ball every day after school. Her basketball coach is very tolerant and tells her she is an excellent basketball player, and her friendstell
Her she play basketball very good. Susana wants to be a professional
Basketball player when she grows up. That´s why she practices every day.

My brother javier is practicing the violin. Hepractices the violin every day. He is
Neat, and very friendly. His music teacher is hardworking and tells him he is an
Excellent violinist and his friends tells him he is he plays the piano betterthan
Anyone else in the school. Hector wants to be a professional violinist when we
Grow up. That`s why he practices every day.

My sisters monica and mariana are practicing ballet. Monica istalkative and
Mariana is shy, monica and mariana are pretty, they are very noisy. They
practice ballet every day after school. Tehir ballet instructor is ugly but is very
friendly and very good person,he always tell to monica and mariana, they are
excellent ballet dancer, and their friends tell them they dance better tan
anyone else in the school. Monica and mariana want to be professional balletdancers when they grow up, that`s why they practice every day.

Do you like the sports?

Wath is your favorite sports?


How often do you practice?
Every wekend

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