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l i sten , bottle, po l itici a n , etc. Syl l ab i c consonants



IMpOr-h:ll1..f..+or liS.f-e.l1.il1.� :

@'..IJ B3 6 "",Most syllables contain a vowel sound. However. sometimes a syllable consists only of a :;.:;: . .
.. / ..


I n · dictionaries. these are usually shown either with i I symbol under the consonant or a G symbol before the consonant. Consonants likethis are called syllabic consonants.


artic le jl a: .t I . k V



l i sten / ' h s . en/

� e:

It is always possible to pronou nce a syl labic consonant as an ordinary syl lable with a vowel (/:Jf) and a consonant (or consonants), althoug h the syl labic consonant is usu ally more natu ral and fl uent: article Ia:tlbl/ or: la:t lkl/ listen Ihs:Jnl or: Ihsnl
= =_


. IMpor.f-al1..f­ +or lis.f-e.l1.il1.q .

In.J B3 7 . �/l/ syllabic consonants are usually found in unstressed syHables after the following -.J :


It I Idl

bottle, l i ttle, hospita l , p i stol sa d d le, m u d d le, h a n d le, ped a l cou ple, people, exa m ple, p r i n c i p a l a ble, t ro u b l e , g l o b a l , j u m b l e

Isl Izl Ikl 1nl

hassle, pa rce l , w h istle, co l ossa l puzzle, d rizzle, d a zzle, hazel k n u ckle, a rticle, cl assica l , com i ca l com m u n a l , c h a n n e l , t u n n e l , p a n e l




Most of these consonants are spelt -le. but a few are spelt -01, -el and . -01. 1nl syllabic consonants are usually found in unstressed syllables after the follOWIng consonants:

It I Idl IpI Isl/zl

b u tton, rotten , t h reaten, k i tten sa d d e n , w i d e n , g a rd e n , pardon h a ppen, deepen, o p e n , sha rpen l isten , l o osen , compa riso n , person cousi n , h o rizo n , poiso n , priso n
;. . . . . .'

IfI Ivl 181 IfI 131

o ften , deafe n , sti ffe n , soften seven , g iven , e l even, p roven m a ra t h o n , pytho n , stre n g t h e n , l e n g t h e n fash io n , actio n , p o l i t i c i a n , m usici a n i l l us i o n , col l is i o n , occasion, p recisio n

Most of these consonants are ��It-en. -on, -ion Or -ion.


Words end ing -srn have an Iml syl labic consona nt. For example:
Budd h ism, ca pita l ism, criticism, journal ism, man nerism, social ism , chasm, enthusiasm

· :. .. ;..:. · · · · CS )

Note : Contractedforms such as didn 't, haven 't, shouldn 't, WOUldn 't, etc. have a syl labic 'n1': haven't = Ihrevntl or Ihrev:Jntl
. ...

IMpor.f-al1..f- . • • ,:or lis.f-e.l1.il1.q.l

B3 S· .�Sp�e wdfdstia¥�•.·�6 svl.ia�i� c(�nsonahts togeth�.;1fldUding;·.conOitioiJat, 'diagonfll,. general, ·lJtet(JI,

i)a tion(11. vetemn. �ut notice thatthese .c�n be ptoflounced in a number ofway� forexampk:

Ida lreg:Jn:J11 or Idalreg :Jnll or Idalregn:J11 or IdaIregnll

: . . ; . .../ ·m:) B3 9 . ,�Whe�·. ;���• is ·aa�d;tE)�·. yetP en�jn9:Witi\ a.$'llla�� �nSOnant{e.g•• h�nI1Jin�· .troq6Iillg••• �(JtiPenillg, · IMpor.f-al1.�' : . . gorCk:'lingJth� eO�nant +·· ing js usually sai� ;js �ne Syllable; .m� sYlla�ic cQnsonantjs the first . . .+or liS.f-e.l1.il1.ql consonant ofthe last s¥lIabie: . .. .. .
, ""�,�,.""".-'""




handle /hrend"l l happen Ihre p "n l

hand ling /hrendhI] 1 ha ppen ing /hre p n I I] 1

Notice that it is also possible to say the syl labic consonant with a vowel (/:J/l : /hrend;:)h I]/, /h:.e p :Jn I I] 1


English Pronunciation i n Use (Advanced)

Section S Stress in words and phrases

2 4. 1

Co m p l ete each sentencewith words from the sa me g ro u p. m usician a m bition classica l ma nsion cousi n g a rden
.. . ... .

� �

wobble pedal bicycle col l ision eleven people
.. . . . . u. . .u. .

ca ndle knuckle hospita l l ittle bottle poison

a rticle prison politician
. .u . .

1 My with a huge .. . 2 He took out a . . . . full of . . . . . .. .. .. . u 3 .... 4 When she got on the . ....
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