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Use present simple
Sam ___is_______(be) an arquitect at Building Empire in London. He __is____ (be) on holiday at the moment. He usually goes _______(go) to NY for her summer holidays. Hisgrandparents _live_______(live) there and he always __stays_______(stay) there for six weeks. His parents are 65 years old and they _have________(have) a cat called Tomy. It _has_______(have) brown ears and along tail. Sam _loves______(love) __going______(going) to the beach. He __likes_____(like) _playing_______(playing) tennis in the beach , but he hates________(hate) _swiming__________(swim) in thebeach. He always _has______(have) a great time in NY

Change the underlined words to pronouns.
I visit Mark every day HIM
I know Mary HER
He sees his parents on Monday THEM
I can´t remember yoursurname IT

Complete with CAN or CAN´T
- We _CAN________ play cards on Sunday. I am not working!
- CAN_______ I smoke here?
- I am sorry, I CANT________ remember your email address- I CANT__________ speak Russian, but I CAN__________ speak French
- I _CANT______ go to the party tonight. I am very bussy…

Choose the right answer
Where was / were youyesterday?
I was / were at a party last night
Was/were Jenna at her house this morning?
Sam was not / were not at work last week

Complete the dialogue with these sentences

Did you likethem? – How was it ? – Why? – What did you see? – Where were you? – Were there a lot of mummies ?

A: Hi Tammy
B: Hi Jhon. How are you? I called yesterday, but you were not at home. (1)
_ Where wereyou? ____________________?
A:At the museum, with my sister
B:Oh!... really? (2)__ How was it ? _______________________________
__ What did you see? _________________A: I saw a lot of things for ancient Egypt
B: (4) _ Did you like them? _____________________________________?
A:Yes, I did, specially the mummies
B:Um… (5) _
_____ Were there a lot of mummies...
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