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1. At what age did you start his career and that team?
I started my career at the age of 8 years, then sign my first professional contract at the age of 15 years in Sao Paulo FC
2.What year andthat team won the Golden Ball and the FIFA world player of the CAF?
I won the Golden Ball in 2007, playing for AC Milan
3. How old suffered the accident and who attributes his recovery?
Was at the ageof 18 years as a result of a swimming pool accident that almost killed my career, I attribute my recovery to God
4. . How old were entered into the religion, as devout evangelical Christian?At 12 years of age, I learned that it is faith that decides whether something will happen or not
5. What year was married and his wife as it is called?
I gotmarried on December 23, 2005 with my childhood sweetheart Caroline Celico
6. What is the name his first son was born and where?
His name is Luca Celico Leite was born in Sao Paulo
7. Does that majorbrands do you advertise?
Prominently in Adidas advertising and I have a modeling contract with Armani
8. What should be his nickname?
It is a common term of endearment of "Ricardo" in Brazil
9. Howoffered Florentino Perez, for his services in the Real Madrid?
At that time president Florentino Perez of Real Madrid offered me 68.5 million euros
10. How would you rate your participation in theConfederations Cup 2009?
Very good, and I got the Golden Ball as the best player of the tournament and was named the player of the match in the final against USA, which won 3-2
11. What year madehis debut in Sao Paulo?
I made my debut, high level in January 2001 where he scored 12 goals in 27 games
12. Against which team was crowned champions AC Milan in the Champions League as eligible toparticipate?
Against Liverpool on May 23, 2007, I had a good turnout, although not scored goals and besides that I was voted the Vodafone Fans player of the season on a survey of over 100,000...
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